Gluten Products

From the beginning, Millstream has focused on natural products and natural ways of processing them, without additives or preservatives. “Delight your family with Whole Grain Goodness!”

Hero Atta Flour

Hero Atta is made from Canadian Durum wheat and milled in Canada. It is perfect for authentic Indian flatbreads such rotis, chapattis, puris and parathas. Best of all it is so soft!

Multi-Grain Atta Flour

Millstream Multi-Grain Flour is a unique blend of whole wheat, black chana, bajra, soya and flax. These ingredients are helpful when following a diabetic diet. Look for this product with the Diabetes Canada logo!

100% Whole Wheat Flour

Millstream's 100% Whole Wheat Flour is milled in small batches from the finest Canadian wheat and contains all the goodness of the wheat kernel. This whole grain nutritious flour is high in fiber and tastes great for baking or chappatis.

All Purpose Flour (Maida)

Millstream's Natural Unbleached White Flour contains no preservatives or additives. Its fine texture creates tasty breads, cookies and muffins

Special Bhatura Flour

Bhaturas are a delightful Indian bread which compliment traditional dishes such as curried chick peas with mint chutney. Millstream Bhatura Flour has no additives or preservatives and with the help of this flour, you can make perfect bhaturas every time.

Cracked Wheat

Millstream picks only the best whole wheat kernels for their Cracked Wheat. Because Cracked Wheat uses the whole wheat kernel, it contains many nutritional benefits such as fiber. Add Millstream Cracked Wheat to your multigrain bread to make it more fluffy and flavourful.


Millstream's Sooji is high in carbohydrates and iron. You can eat Sooji as a hot breakfast cereal, use it in pasta dough, or even add it to breads, giving the bread a tender, crispy crust.